These are examples of different modern cupping vessels.
This is a chinese style molded glass cup. Note the wide rolled rim which softens the impact of cupping on the
skin. These cups are fairly ubiquitous in the cupping world, due to the fact that they work well, are very
durable (have dropped several on a tile floor and they bounce, not break) and are relatively cheap.
This mold is also used for vacuum gun cups because you can drill the small resting point on the top of the
dome to fit a seal, but glass vacuum gun cups are comparatively expensive.
The glass cups come in different sizes for different parts of the body. I usually use the smallest for arm work
and for the accupressure point/trigger point in the center of the subscapularis muscle.
This is an art glass cup from Malta (Mtarfa/Valletta Glass). Note that it
has a more vase like shape.
A set of art glass cups from Malta. Note the variance in shape since these are hand blown and not molded.
A set of plastic vacuum gun cups and the gun. Note that the rubber "lips" at the top are sometimes
difficult to maintain a seal with and the rims are much smaller and apt to
"cut" into the skin.
A set of bamboo cups. These cups are used with fire cupping and with the more traditional form of cupping
where they were boiled with a set of herbs for a specific remedy. The lip of these cups is very thin and usually
are a bit uncomfortable. The bamboo also tends to split and crack in dry environments, sabatoging any attempt
at a seal.