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One of the first questions I've been asked by multiple people is "Why are you named Wood Tiger Massage?" There are a few reasons.

  1. Everyone else is naming their business after themselves (i.e. a name) or something with the words "healing" and "hands". I am not interested in being just like everyone else. But for convention sake, I am naming my business after me. I am a Wood or Green Tiger, born in the chinese zodiac year associated with these symbols.
  2. The name indicates that I practice a variety of techniques, many of them asian in origin.

My practice consists of a mixture of techniques from a wide set of bodywork fields, including Tuina, Myofascial release, Traditional Thai, Micromovement, PUSH Therapy(tm), Percussive, and a couple of others, as well as influences from Cranial Sacral(tm) work and Rolfing(tm). (Please note, when it says "influenced" that means I have no formal training in these techniques. I have recieved this work, paid attention and adapted some of the techniques for my own.) Most work is slanted toward issue resolution rather than whole body wellness, but all sessions include a whole body wellness componet. If you are unfamiliar with any of these techiniques, please read on under the "Intro to Bodywork" link.

I preffer the title "Bodyworker" to massage therapist for two reasons:
  1. Massage therapists generally have a set of techniques that are centered around a school of thought, or a practioner preference. (I.e. a Reiki practioner will most likely use only Reiki techniques, or a "Deep Tissue Massage Therapist" will use only techniques that fall into that school of thought.) I use any "Bodywork" technique that I can learn that proves safe and efficatious. I have studied with many teachers over my career and I have found that no one school of thought is the solution to each and every issue that walks in my door. More often than not in my experience, multiple schools of thought are required. Bodyworker is a title that seems to encapsulate that motto. (Please note, a Deep Tissue Massage Therapist is going to be more specialized than I am. They will understand their work in a way I don't.)
  2. When I started work in this field (over 12 years ago) the term "Massuse" was still in usage. As the populace has become more educated and discovered that there are some negative connotations to that title, the term "Massage Therapist" has become more ubiquitous. But due to the fact that my original training was in more Eastern Modalities, I have never felt that I "fit" in the whole Massage Therapist classification.
And if that seems an unneccessary elaboration, please read futher under my "Services" section.