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Myofacial Manipulation

The application of various therapeutic techniques to relieve tension in the body

What is Myofacial/Connective Tissue Manipulation?

Myofacial is the contraction for Muscular/Fascial Interface. This is the connection between your muscles and the connective (fascia) tissues surrounding them. Connective tissue manipulation is a very important tool in bodywork. Muscles respond to being rubbed. It feels great (in the opinon of a large group of people) and pushes blood through the muscle, cleaning out metabolic waste and bringing in nutrients for repair and refreshment. However, Fascia does not really respond to rubbing. It responds to long slow, and often static pressure. When I say long and slow, that means 45 seconds and upwards to five or ten minutes. Static pressure in one place is unmoving, though not all connective tissue work is like that.