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Therapeutic Technique of releasing the periosteum

Working with the outer covering of the bones

What I refer to as Periosteum release is yet another type of connective tissue release, however since it is working with the outer covering of the bones, it requires different techniques and produces different results, especially in the hands and feet. Thus I feel it deserves a section on its own. Also note, I did not learn this from anyone other than my clients. It's possible that someone teaches a version of this technique, but I learned it from the tissues under my own hands.

What is Periosteum Release?

Bones are built around this general blueprint: 1) A red or yellow marrow in the middle, 2) surrounded by stacks of calcium salts (this is the hard part we are familar with), and 3) a soft covering which ligaments and tendons grow into and through. This last piece, the soft covering is called the Periosteum. Because this is the part of the bone where your muscles and ligaments attach, there is a certain relationship between them. If your muscles are tight, they will pull on their attachments, causing tension across the periosteum. Similarly, if one or two muscles pull on the periosteum, and tension is transmitted all around the bone, the periosteum will pull on the other muscles attached to it and cause tension to be transmitted to the uninvolved muscles. Periosteum release seeks to address this soft cover and by releasing it with slow pressure, to release all the muscles and connective tissue surrounding a particular bone.